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I genuinely wish to influence the lives of others in a meaningful way. Nutrition is a vehicle to do this in a range of ways; from encouraging a better relationship with ourselves to promoting a a better understanding and relationship with nature and the planet. The work I do really does start with the individual - increasing awareness and knowledge and building a healthy foundation of patience, reflection and self care. It is about improving our choices over time and being clear of why we wish to make these choices in the first place, for sustainable health for our body and mind. Essentially, it is about curiosity (not fear), flexibility (not control) and acceptance of ourselves to cultivate new habits based on reflection & self awareness. The health challenges we face are our biggest vehicles for positive change. I feel very fortunate to have supported clients through health difficulties and to have been an inspiration to those interested in wellness and nutrition. Please do take a look at the reviews below.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Amanda Harrison

“Gina was very friendly and made me feel at ease from the beginning to the end of my consultation whilst asking me personal and delicate questions. She was professional throughout and had great understanding of my health problems and reassured me that she could help. Gina gave me an informative diet and supplement plan with extra information on health care issues. I have found this beneficial and have seen a great improvement to my health. - Thank you Gina.”


Philip Stewart - Headmaster

Terra Nova School

"Gina is passionate about health and wellbeing and has supported both staff and students alike regarding nutrition. Gina is not dictatorial in her approach, instead taking time to listen and pose thought provoking questions. Our school actively sought the advice of Gina for a range of scenarios including sport, school lunches, conversations with parents and the important early teenage years. I would fully recommend getting in touch with Gina and finding out what support she can offer."


Anna Hill

“My sessions with Gina were amazing. I went to her feeling exhausted all the time with horrible brain fog. She talked through all the reasons why this was happening and with the plan she put together for me I now feel so much better. I no longer have brain fog which is a life changer for me. I highly recommend you go and see Gina if something is wrong in your life. Thank you Gina.”


Lawrence James

“I was so frustrated with my IBS as I had seen many doctors and even specialists but their recommendations would not help. I visited Gina after being recommended to her by a friend. Gina has helped to ease my symptoms. I highly recommend her; she is so easy to talk to, knowledgeable and went that extra mile to support me."


Julia Harris

"Gina is brilliant! She has a gentle, warm and kind approach, is very knowledgeable and has always helped me whenever I've been to see Gina with various issues. I can highly recommend Gina."


Lisa Baldwin

“Whilst trying to get pregnant for our second baby I came to Gina for some nutritional advice on the best way to get my body healthy and prepared. She was so knowledgable and really helped me plan my diet during this time. I am delighted to say we are now pregnant! And I can't thank Gina enough for all her expert advice and professionalism. I can highly recommend her services.”


Bea Vure

"I initially approached Gina as I was struggling with my relationship with food; lacking confidence in gaining control of my health (and attitudes surrounding it). After spending some time with Gina, I have gained so much knowledge on nutrition, confidence with sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Gina is very patient, compassionate, and eager to help you reach your best self. The detailed personal plans are extremely helpful and Gina's recommendations have been a game changer, and have provided me with life changing tools to enhance my quality of life."


Katie Droogan

"Gina is incredibly knowledgable and was able to provide so much insight into how to improve my nutrition.

She also has a lovely supportive approach. I never once hesitated to contact Gina to check certain things and make sure I was following her recommendations correctly.

I've recommended Gina to lots of friends and family members because she's so great and has helped me so much. Thank you Gina!"


Niki Parr

"I had the pleasure of working with Gina last year. What a difference she has made to the way i feel! I have had gut issues since my teenage years and now going through menopause had all the usual aches and pains, sleepless nights, fatigue etc. After a few sessions and following Gina's recommendations I was blown away with how good I felt. Personal recommendations of delicious healthy recipes that leave you feeling energized and always on the other end of a message or phone call when you need her. I can't thank Gina enough for giving me the tools I needed to transform my whole being!"

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