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Nutritional Therapy Consultations


DO YOU.....​

  • Frequently feel exhausted, lacking in energy and / or low mood or feel worried or fearful?

  • Struggle with symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME or an autoimmune condition and / or have been diagnosed with any of these?

  • Suffer from anxiety, depression, sleep issues or sore/aching joints?

  • Have digestive problems such as bloating, IBS, acid reflux, hiatus hernia, food sensitivities or irregular bowel movements?

  • Feel that weight is an issue? have diabetes or an elevated risk of heart disease?

  • Have poor concentration, bad memory or feel like you just can’t think straight? Suffering from brain fog?

  • Have hormonal-related problems such as PMS, period problems, menopause / peri-menopause, mood swings, low libido?

  • Feel that headaches/migraines or skin issues are drastically reducing your quality of life?

  • Feel overwhelmed with how to support your health issues and need encouragement and inspiration to get your eating / nutrition / lifestyle working for you (not against you) !


My mission is to help clients with
any of the above scenarios and beyond!


EPTO stands for the 4 stage unique process that we follow with all clients....

Evaluating past history and all the signs and symptoms throughout the body with food and lifestyle factors.

Promoting the body's own healing and balancing mechanisms with a holistic approach that addresses the root cause of health issues.

Tailored programmes that offer multi-layered support for the individual - there is no one size fits all!

Optimising your metabolism by adapting to fit with the metabolic snapshot provided by functional testing and/or other indications whilst optimising  your dietary preferences.

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By taking in to account your individual challenges in regard to health, lifestyle, family and commitments we can formulate a bespoke nutrition

plan that works for you!


1-1 Initial Consultation
(75 mins) £120


Your Nutritional Therapy journey starts here for all new clients. I will seek to fully understand factors affecting your health status.

  • The consultation will involve a full case taking and symptom analysis.

  • There will be questions around your family medical history, current and past diet, day to day pressures and the level of stress & emotional pressure. My holistic approach is based on considering all aspects that might be impacting your health.

  • Interactions between your dietary / lifestyle habits and symptoms will be explained.


  • A tailored and practical nutrition and supplement plan will be provided to suit your lifestyle. Advice on how to follow this plan will be provided with the reasons behind the recommendations fully explained.

  • Functional testing options and any GP referrals will be discussed.

  • I will provide you with comprehensive handouts to support your programme including a mindfulness handout with breathing techniques and sleep tips.


  • You will be required to complete a consultation form & 3 day food diary prior to the appointment.

Face to Face at Neal's Yard - Shrewsbury or online via Zoom / Microsoft Teams​

Follow Up Consultation
(45 mins) £75

This session is for all ongoing support following the initial consultation. 


  • The aim is to review your progress in relation to symptoms and establish next steps.

  • Evaluation of what is working and why.

  • We will discuss any challenges, make adaptations and set new goals.

  • Any test results will be explained and conclusions drawn.

  • We will build on the initial plan, incorporating adjustments providing you with the continued support and motivation you need to realise your health ambitions.

  • Full explanations and guidance will be delivered focusing on supporting optimal health via food and supplements. 

Face to Face at Neal's Yard - Shrewsbury or online via Zoom / Microsoft Teams


Free Discovery Telephone Call

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation so that we can chat and you can see if I'm the right nutritionist for you. We can discuss your reasons for looking into nutritional therapy and how I can support you to make the important changes to realise your health goals.

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