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DNA Testing


I am a big fan of using DNA Testing as part of my nutritional packages. I work to increase my clients knowledge and understanding of their own body and empower them to better support and get the best out of themselves. I use DNA testing to fine tune this work resulting in targeted nutrition and supplement interventions which account for genetic predispositions and tendencies proactively.


DNA Testing has a huge role to play in the context of that persons areas of genetic weaknesses and their nutrition & lifestyle choices. Many individuals are utilising the opportunity through DNA Testing to tailor nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement programmes to address imbalances in order to optimise wellbeing.


DNA Testing with EPTO Nutrition helps you become the best possible version of yourself. In the area of science called Epigenetics we have discovered how genes are activated by our lifestyle. Information about our genetic predispositions enables us to manipulate these tendencies for better health and fitness outcomes.



Nutrient Core Report





In the Nutrient Core Report of the analysis gene variants relating to food tolerance, appetite control, blood sugar control (Insulin), vitamin and mineral needs, food responses (coeliacs disease and lactose intolerance), caffeine (sensitivity and metabolism), microbiome diversity, circadian rhythm (early bird or night owl) are analysed in relation to diet and lifestyle aspects.



The Athlete Report

The Athletic Report analyses elements of your unique DNA profile that have been shown to affect athletic performance including muscle fibre type. The personalised genetic results are grouped into three topic areas:

Train - tailor a programme that will be most effective for you to support cardio-vascular adaption, strategic fuelling and structural strength.

Recover - build resilience and reduce your risk of injury and illness by controlling inflammation, reducing oxidative stress and optimising sleep.

Perform - balance stress and stimulation when it matters most, to achieve your personal best. All findings are linked to nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


The Detoxification Report





Detoxification is the physiological removal of toxic substances from the human body. It is mainly carried out by the liver, and to a lesser extent the small intestine, kidneys and lungs.


The Detoxification capability of the body has a profound impact on physical and mental function. Substances such as nutrients, food additives, pesticides, medications, air pollutants, alcohol and hormones are transformed from being fat-soluble to water-soluble, allowing them to be more easily excreted from the body.


Detoxification is reliant on two major phases working effectively. Phase 1 liver detoxification primes toxic molecules for deactivation and Phase 11 finishes the deactivation and prepares for elimination. Poor detoxification can cause symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, allergies, skin disorders, weight gain, bloating, acid reflux and heartburn, excessive sweating, chronic infections, sub fertility, low libido, poor mental function and low stress tolerance.


There are 6 key genes that impact the function of detoxification in the body. Knowledge of these genetic factors and how to activate/ deactivate them through nutraceutical interventions can dramatically improve our detox capability and with it our overall health and athletic performance.

The Oestrogen Report

Oestrogen is one of the two major female steroidal sex hormones, the other being progesterone. Men also require oestrogen for producing sperm and maintaining libido, but at significantly lower levels. Oestrogens main role is to increase the growth and production of cells. It is responsible for the development of the female reproductive system and is also involved in maintaining bone density, blood clotting and affects hair, skin, mucous membranes and pelvic muscles.

Hormone imbalance can contribute to fertility problems, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, excess facial hair (women) or breast tissue (men), osteoporosis, heart disease, blood clots, acne, sexual disfunction, low libido, mood swings, poor memory, weight gain and hormone sensitive cancers.


The Oestrogen Balance test analyses genes involved in the lifecycle of the sex steroid hormones - progesterone, androgens and oestrogens. It looks at how gene variants affects production, activation and elimination of the hormones as well as detailing the nutrients and environmental factors that can influence and improve their balance.


Your Test

Your test kit is sent directly to you with instructions. You are required to carry out a body fluids swab from inside your mouth (cheek) and then send it via signed for post to the laboratory. Your results are sent directly to me within 3 - 4 weeks in full report format.


The Laboratory

The company we have partnered with to carry out the DNA test is one of Europe’s top medical genetics laboratories with the highest levels of quality, safety and privacy controls. Your analysis is in safe hands whilst it is being processed and once the DNA is analysed, it is destroyed using chemicals to ensure it can never be used again.

Your Results Explained


Your DNA Test includes a 45 minute consultation with Gina. Your results are discussed in detail and key findings highlighted along with dietary, training and lifestyle adaptations that ensure key gains in terms of physical and mental performance. Gina will ensure your full understanding and answer all questions. She wants clients to get the most from their DNA information and knows that it is a big step forward in terms of what your body will be capable of with this knowledge.


Using the information from your DNA to establish daily routines and rituals will not only improve your health and fitness but ultimately will enable you to be more focused and confident with your health goals through that extra level of understanding and self-awareness of your own body!



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This is a once in a lifetime test!


Your DNA doesn't change and therefore the report provided will support your health for life!


There is no better time to go for it!

DNA Package Costs

DNA Starter Package


  • Test kit

  • Nutrient Core Report

  • 45 minute consultation to discuss results

Female Health DNA Package


  • Test kit

  • Nutrient Core Report, Oestrogen Report

  • 45 minute consultation to discuss results

*Methylation Report can be added for fertility

Mens Health DNA Package


  • Test kit

  • Nutrient Core Report, Detoxification Report

  • 45 minute consultation to discuss result

Sports DNA Package


  • Test kit

  • Nutrient Core Report, Athlete Report, Detoxification Report

  • 45 minute consultation to discuss results

* Additional reports (Nervous System, Thyroid Balance, Histamine Intolerance, Methylation)  can be purchased with any package at a cost of £140 per report

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