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 Organisational Support


Support for organisations and their individuals

Organisations have an ideal opportunity to enhance the knowledge and understanding of all their individuals with our inspirational and enlightening nutritional content.  EPTO Nutrition seeks to engage with participants by highlighting key reasons why nutrition, mindset and self-care are so important to overall personal development. 


At EPTO Nutrition we have a number of different options to support organisations, from tailored workshops focusing on general health topics to in-house mini clinics providing 1 to 1 consultations.

A healthier and happier organisation will not only benefit the individual, but the intention of self-care and awareness of a healthier lifestyle emanates throughout the community. It fuels interesting conversations, enquiry and self-reflection.

Some of the common topics that are explored include:

- Low confidence and apathy

- Obsessive compulsive disorder and excessive control traits 

- Anxiety, depression and low mood

- Sugar cravings

- Stress

- Sleep issues

- Digestive symptoms

- Frequent illnesses and infections 

- Fatigue and low energy levels

- Skin problems

- Hormonal fluctuations

- Allergies

The benefits of offering nutritional advice in an organisational setting is to encourage a self-care framework that includes nutritional components and lifestyle aspects. Our clients have observed enhanced moral, energy and focus combined with lower stress following our on-site sessions. 


What can EPTO Nutrition Offer the Organisation?

Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. EPTO Nutrition provides clients with nutrition services that inform and enthuse, helping to influence awareness and inform choices. With our creative, dynamic, and intuitive approach to health and wellness, we ignite interest and enthusiasm within an audience.

Nutrition Workshops / Presentations

Nutrition workshops and presentations provide an ideal opportunity to inform participants of valuable nutrition insights and practical tips to support their health. Various topics will be addressed such as hydration, sleep, stress and the key principles of a balanced diet with emphasis on the provision of the recommended amount of key nutrients. There will also be emphasis on lifestyle and dietary factors that drive inflammation and disease in the body. This is all delivered in the comfort of your own environment.

Our fascinating delivery explains the ways nutrition works within the body and the important processes that rely on the right nutrients. Our nutrition support empowers individuals to make changes a way of life and we deliver a programme that keeps momentum going.

The workshops / presentations will run for 60min – 90min.

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On the Scales

On-Site Health Evaluations

Sometimes individuals are unaware of important aspects of their health. On-site health evaluations are an opportunity for organisations to provide individually tailored nutrition solutions that empowers individuals to  support their own health in a personal way.  


The date for the health evaluation day are agreed. Individuals are then given the opportunity through their organisation to book a health evaluation appointment. Their appointment is confirmed through EPTO Nutrition with supporting paperwork. The health evaluation session on-site is delivered by EPTO Nutrition. Following each session individuals can look forward to receiving tailored recommendations and suggestions by email.

EPTO Nutrition may recommend that individuals would benefit from any of the following health checks:

- Blood Nutrient Levels

- Blood Pressure

- Blood sugar

- Cholesterol

- Inflammatory markers

Nutrition Stand

EPTO Nutrition provide a healthy-eating nutrition stand where visitors can drop-in during a break or lunchtime or anytime throughout the day to find out how they can improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle. EPTO Nutrition will provide all supporting literature and handouts.

Healthy Salad
Healthy Diet

 Organisation Mini Clinic's

EPTO Nutrition offer organisations a unique opportunity to provide an on-site mini clinic. The mini clinic seeks to engage in short 1 to 1 consultations with individuals to give a general overview of how nutrition can support them / discuss their health and nutrition concerns. EPTO Nutrition will provide all supporting literature and handouts. 


Programmes for Organisations

Nutrition Workshops / Presentations
(90 mins per session)
£150 per session


Informative workshops and presentations to help your organisation become healthier

On-Site Health Evaluations
£295 half day / £545 full day


Health evaluations provide individuals with valuable insights into their own health status.


Nutrition Stand
£295 half day / £545 full day


A nutrition stand is beneficial to enable all to visit the stand and gain valuable information and nutritional support

Organisation Mini Clinics
£595 per day


Individuals are able to book into mini 30-minute clinics which will provide them with a more in depth nutritional appraisal 

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If you are interested in finding out more about the services I offer for organisations please do get in contact. I offer a 15 minute presentation over zoom to explore ways to bring nutrition and lifestyle support to your organisation. I would be pleased to talk about your specific objectives and devise a specific programme for your setting.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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