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Nutrition in the Workplace


Nutrition in the Workplace

Support for organisations and their employees

Organisations have the opportunity to support their employees’ general health with a nutritional programme of tailored options. These options will ensure that your employees are motivated to improve their health and are fully equipped with the practical skills to stay in good health with nutrition.


At EPTO Nutrition we have a number of different options to support your employees, from tailored workshops focusing on general health topics to in-house mini clinics providing 1 to 1 consultations for employees.

A healthier and happier workplace will not only benefit the employee, but the organisation will benefit through increased productivity, a happier working environment and higher employee engagement and enthusiasm.

Some of the common symptoms that can be helped through our nutritional therapist support include:

- Weight loss

- Allergies

- Fatigue and low energy levels

- Stress and anxiety

- Sleep disorders

- Sugar cravings

- Skin problems

- Depression / Mood swings

- Digestive issues such as IBS

- Illness and infections

- Hormone imbalances

What are the benefits of offering nutritional advice in the workplace for employees?

- Increased concentration and focus

- Increase moral and job satisfaction

- Increased energy

- Reduced stress levels

How will it benefit the business?

- Increased productivity

- Improved recruitment and retention

- Reduced employee absence

- Reduced healthcare costs


What can EPTO Nutrition Offer in the Workplace?

Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. EPTO Nutrition provides clients with a variety of weight management and nutrition services that help improve their long term dietary habits. With a creative, dynamic, and responsible approach to healthy eating, as well as an extensive range of industry experience, EPTO Nutrition helps clients achieve all their nutrition goals — the healthy way.

Nutrition Workshops / Presentation

Corporate nutrition workshops and presentations provide the opportunity for employees to gain valuable insights and general practical tips to support their health. Various topics will be addressed such as hydration, sleep, stress within the context of the key principles of a balanced diet with emphasis on the provision of the recommended amounts of key nutrients. This is all delivered in the comfort of your office environment.

Our fascinating delivery explains the ways nutrition works within the body and the important processes that rely on the right nutrients. Our nutrition support empowers employees to make changes a way of life and will put in place a programme for keeping the momentum going in the form of an ongoing programme.

The workshops / presentations will run for 60min – 90min.

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On the Scales

Employee Health Checks

Sometimes employees are unaware of important aspects of their health status. EPTO Nutrition can visit the organisation to conduct a range of simple tests to ensure your employees are more informed about their health.

Employees will be invited to a private appointment which will last no more 30 minutes. During this time the employees will be tested, provided with the results and a short discussion where EPTO Nutrition may make recommendations and suggestions on how they may improved in certain areas.

EPTO Nutrition can offer the following Health Checks for employees:

- Blood Pressure

- Blood sugar

- Cholesterol

- Weight and BMI

- Body fat %

- Body water %

Nutrition Stand

EPTO Nutrition can provide a healthy-eating nutrition stand where staff members can visit during a break or lunchtime or anytime throughout the day and find out how they can improve their health through nutrition and ask any questions they may have.

EPTO Nutrition will provide all supporting literature and handouts.

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Healthy Diet

Mini Workplace Clinic's

EPTO Nutrition can offer employers the opportunity to provide a mini workplace clinic for their employees in the form of 30 minute 1 to 1 consultations to discuss their health and nutrition concerns. 

Employees will complete a questionnaire and food diary in advance and have an online case taking consultation. 

EPTO Nutrition will meet each employee in the workplace to provide a personalised health plan and appropriate handouts.


Corporate Plans

Nutrition Workshops / Presentations
(90 mins per session)
£150 per session

Informative workshops and presentations to help your employees become a healthier workforce

Employee Health Checks
£295 half day / £545 full day

Employee Health Checks provides your employees with the knowledge of their vital health measurements


Nutrition Stand
£295 half day / £545 full day

A Nutrition Stand is beneficial to all employees to enable them to visit the stand and gain valuable information and nutritional support

Mini Employee Clinics

£595 per day

Employees are able to book into mini 30-minute clinics which will provide them with a more in depth nutritional appraisal 

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