Functional Testing


Functional testing is a very useful tool that I will recommend to some clients and something that many clients are interested in. I am trained to interpret the results and extract key nutritional implications from those results. Clients comment that functional testing provides tangible meaning, helps them understand their health patterns better and aids focus towards the interventions I recommend. Essentially it provides an additional layer of information that when used alongside information gathered from the initial consultation will assist a targeted personalised approach. Functional testing can fuel more detailed explanations for the reasons behind nutritional strategies however it is not always necessary. The below scenarios are examples of when it is most useful:

- Health conditions that have been particularly illusive in regards root cause. Where nutritional and lifestyle interventions have not been as effective as hoped for or were initially effective but improvements slowed. 

- There is a family history of a specific health condition.

- To pinpoint whether an overgrowth is fungal, bacterial or parasitic or what the dominant byproduct of the overgrowth is.

- For extreme athletic performance to enable fine-tuning of their training and nutrition regime.

For those who are interested in finding out  as they can or for those that seeing data

 has been difficult and GP tests illusive or when progress has been slow or 

be  interventions to be fine tuned  and in some cases achieve better results more quickly . There are certain instances when functional testing can be particularly helpful:

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